JAK is a cable TV service provider operating in Tamil Nadu. We provide expedient and affordable cable TV solutions. Since the year 2002, JAK has gained an enviable position as the premier cable TV provider in the districts of Tiruvallur, Vellore and Kanchipuram and is soon becoming the number one choice for cable TV in Chennai.

Our die-hard ambition is to deliver to our customers something more superior to simple TV viewing- we wish to provide an outstanding customer experience! We provide the best possible service by offering uninterrupted entertainment while meeting all requirements of quality, clarity and affordability.

JAK is committed to the highest standards of business and has constantly provided total value to customers and partners. We have built a strong network base scattering the metros for over 200 km with Underground Optical Fiber link, laid in association with the Indian Railways. Our feed is distributed to market via strong relationships with well knows franchisees. JAK uses state-of-the-art technology in its operations with a digital head-end from Harmonic Inc, Israel and an analog powered by Cisco.

We believe that satisfied cable operators lead to satisfied customers. Over the years, we have been strategically developing relationship with all Last Mile Operators & Broadcasters. As a cable systems operator, we are confident that we can meet and exceed the demands of Local Cable Operators and Multiple System Operators, helping to increase their operating revenues, leveraging their return on investment, improving their market penetration, and helping them achieve their goals. We provide our franchisees with one stop services for sourcing advanced products and technical support.

Our success is built on the foundation of total customer satisfaction and our commitment to quality, service and cost-effective technological capability. We believe that a good reputation, trust, reliability and strong service channels are our strong points.

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